Lena Leakes
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: March 2, 1997
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Friends: Asia Nelson
Brody Nelson
Aaron Moore
Heidi Jett
Enemies: Faye Winter
Elliot Winter
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: N/A
Portrayer: Bella Thorne

Lena Michelle Leakes is a main character on California Dreamin'. She is the best friend of Asia Nelson.

Lena is portrayed by Bella Thorne and made her debut in the series premiere, Pilot.


Lena was born in Moscow, Russia on March 2, 1997. At two months old, she was adopted by a rich American celebrity powerhouse couple and moved to Malibu, California. She was treated as a princess, being the only child of blockbuster actors. In pre-k, she met Asia Nelson, and they were best friends since. At the age of seven, Lena and Asia decided to go surfing together and loved it.


Lena is just an overall fun person to be around. She loves to flirt and party and is quite outspoken, never being afraid to speak her mind. She's normally a nice person but does have a mean streak that comes out when she feels the need to defend herself or her friends.


Lena is quite beautiful with strawberry blonde hair and sparkling emerald eyes. She stands at an average 5'6" and has a pale skin tone. Lena always wears designer clothing and loves to try out different makeup, even though she knows she doesn't need it.


Season OneEdit



  • Lena's first name was derived from American actress, Angelina Jolie, who the character of Lena's mother is based on.
  • The character was originally named Lena St. James, but later changed to Lena Leakes.
  • Other people considered for the role included Jane Levy, Emma Stone and Ashley Hinshaw.
  • The role was for a male under the name Connor Matthews briefly until being changed to a female.
  • Days before Pilot was filmed Leven Rambin dropped out of the project and was immediately replaced by Bella Thorne
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